A Labrador Retriever, Bernadoodle and a Dalmatian


Ranger is a Lab pup – who is nervous outside of the house. He would try and run back home prior to our training – even so in the early stages. Training has given him a new confidence and the ability to focus. He is heeling off leash to demonstrate he will not dart home. His sit and Stay also makes this point.



Bali the Dalmatian is a very sweet young dog – who was in need of obedience training. What you see in this video is exactly what she is:-) She will work her heart out for me each and every time and always gives me 100 percent.



Rocky is a Bernadoodle puppy- and can best be described as a party animal.Full Gonzo.Want to train 5 times a day?  Rocky’s your guy.Want to train @ 2 am?  Rocky’s the dude.Teaching Rocky to focus and remain focused was the challenge – the willingness was there from go – but he was wild! Here he is working off leash – with the dogs right behind him for added distraction. His focus is very solid!