Dog Training Boot Camp

Sirius is a young Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who completed the in kennel training program last fall(2016).

Here is a link to Sirius’ video when he was originally trained

He did great and unfortunately shortly after completing the course his owners took him to a dog park in which he suffered an accident while playing  that caused him to break one of his legs and have a lengthy rehab.

High energy dog

Anyone who knows Tollers can imagine what it is like to have a Toler who cannot get the exercise and daily stimulation needed to keep him out of trouble.

So his training backslid a little and we arranged for his owners to come back and do a refresher lesson.  We wanted to focus on distraction training around other dogs since Sirius is a very social and playful dog.

Distraction Dog Training

Dakota in training. Soon to be a superstar!

So I brought out Dakota – a young Lab puppy who is in for training and is very playful – a perfect match for Sirius’ choice of distraction.

In the video I coach his owners through a few excercises and show them how to bring their already obedient young dog to a new level of focus and control.

Off leash control

Note that Sirius is working off leash the whole time and completely focused on both his owners.

Also equally impressive to me is how he can “turn on and off” when told he is free  – he charges in to play and socialize.  This tells us a lot:

  • It shows how social he is.
  • It shows that he doesn’t view training as a negative and that it is something to fear – otherwise – he would not leave his owner’s side and exhibit such playfulness when released.
  • We see how he can go from full on play – to a rocket like recall when commanded to do so.