Montreal Dog Training Services

Puppy Pre School

This course is designed to help people with puppies aged between 8-16 weeks old get started on the right track .  It consists of 3 private lessons and takes place in your home covering house rules and manners as well as beginning obedience.

Basic Obedience

Have you ever dreamed of having your dog be able to obey without a leash?  From a distance?  With the front door open or at a dog park or i the country?

This course is designed for the owner who would like to have solid, on leash obedience & control of their dog. Commands such as: sit, heel, come, place, leave it & off. Obedience as well as house manners are addressed and the course is taught in six (6)6 1-hour lessons.

On & Off Leash Obedience

 This is Family K9 Dog Training’s most popular course – on AND off leash obedience in six weeks! That’s right – six weeks long – your dog will be able to perform it’s obedience both on AND off leash. No one does this like Family K9 does!  Six one hour sessions.  Unleash the potential in your dog today!

Little dog needs training too!

Family K9 specializes in training smaller dogs. Even the teeny, tiny ones. Many people think little dogs cannot be trained or don’t need training. This is both incorrect and a dangerous way to think – leading to behavioural problems. Family K9 specializes in training little dogs – using specialized techniques and a deep understanding of what makes them tick. A little dog’s mind and instincts are just like that of their larger counterparts. Little dogs get labelled as stubborn, happy, difficult to train etc .. the truth is that they are just as easy to train as large dogs if you know what you are doing and more importantly – they NEED to be trained too.

Dog Boot Camp Montreal

Family K9’s most comprehensive dog training package! Your dog gets to live at Nick’s home kennel for three  weeks will become a happy and obedient companion that you can confidently take anywhere. Your dog will receive daily lessons and playtime with the other dog as well as tons of TLC.  At the end of the dog’s training, Nick will teach you how to properly maintain your dog’s training for the rest of his/her life.

Nick’s methods are gentle and encouraging  – helping to strengthen the bond between owner and dog.   Family K9 is so confident in this service that it is backed it with our  Lifetime guarantee.   

This training package is in high demand with limited space available.  Advanced reservations are required.

In home intensive dog training program

Want the best trained dog in your neighbourhood?
(and keep him at home during the process?)

Let Nick train your dog for you.
Dont’ worry. You’ll get “trained” too!

Here is a video of a dog and her family working together for the very first time.
This will give you an idea of how easy the transfer process is:

Imagine in two weeks that you can have complete ON & OFF LEASH control of you dog! Behavioural problems can also be corrected during the in home intensive training. Come home to your new dog – well not new – but the same dog you love with improved behaviour.

  • The in home Board and Train option is very popular and for good reason:
    People want the results of a professionally trained dog and some don’t want to have to part with their dog – and prefer to keep their dog @ home.
    This option combines the advanced results of intensive training without the worry of sending your pet away for training.

Family K9 specializes in training the dogs to a high level of obedience in just 3 weeks – and also teaches the owner how to maintain the training so that you can carry on where Nick left off. Once your dog’s course is complete – you will receive the necessary instruction and practice with nick to make sure you can take over. Add Family K9’s lifetime guarantee and you’re all set!
Nick will come to your home and trying your dog for you and then teach you how to maintain the training your dog has learned once the course is complete.
2 weeks from start to stop – your dog will shine and you’ll learn all you need to know.
The course comes with a transfer lesson as well as a follow up lesson and unlimited lifetime support via email and phone for all your questions.
The course also comes with Family K9’s famous lifetime guarantee.

Family K9’s success is based on teaching both owner and dog everything that is needed in order for you to continue with your dog where Nick left off – it is a recipe for success!

Want an accelerated training program for your dog – but don’t want him or her to leave your home? This one is for you!

 Does your Dog exhibit Problem Behaviour?  No problem.

There’s no need to give up or recycle your dog!

No matter the problem behaviour you are experiencing – Family K9 is able to provide a dog training solution that will work for you and your dog.

NIck Zevgolis is often called to train dogs for owners as a last resort. In many cases when other trainers and methods have failed and things get dire – Nick has a proven track record of having helped numerous dogs that were deemed untrainable by others who worked with the dogs before Nick got involved. In many cases dogs were saved from being rehomed or even euthanized thanks to Nick’s methods.

Make sure to check out Family K9’s video pageBlog Page,Testimonials page for some examples of Nick’s work.
Don’t live in or near Montreal? No Problem! Nick has helped many dog owners from across Canada and the US train their dogs. See Family K9 Dog Training’s Far away Friends page for more info.


Family K9 provides solutions for your dog’s behavioural problems
Nick has helped train thousands of dogs and teach their owners resolve behavioural problems such as :
  • Reactivity towards people dogs
  • Leash reactivity
  • Aggression
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Soiling in the house
  • Jumping
  • Nipping
  • Barking
  • Digging
  • Stealing of food
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Coprophagia (eating of feces) and much more.