In this video the dog’s owner is just learning to handle his newly trained dog.  we are going through the transfer process at the end of an in kennel training program.

Board and Train or Doggie boot camp

Mike Sent his dog Marcus to me for training.  Marcus is a young German Shepherd and Mike enriolled him in the Board and Train program.

Many people worry that if their dog is trained by someone else that they will not learn what they need to know in order to maintain the training ro that the dog will nto listen to them.

While this can be true – it isnt the case here – and not with the way I do things.

The job of a dog trainer

I see my job here as two halves:

1) Train the dog.

2) Educate the owner so that they understand what they need to know in order to maintain the training the dog has received.

Off leash dog training

Marcus is trained both on and of leash.  This means that Mike can trust his dog to obey him and to be responsive with or without a leash on and that means more freedom for Marcus and more peace of mind for Mike.

A happy and obedient working dog

Notice how Marcus keeps his eyes and focus on Mike the entire time they are working.  He is present and happy to work with his person.  True dog training builds teamwork and a good relationship.

3 Weeks to a new dog

The program is 3 weeks from start to stop and once complete we go through the transfer process. There is also a follow up lesson to be used whenever Mike would like to review things with me and there is unlimited lifetime support.  The system is built for Mike and Marcus to be successful.