Guaranteed Dog Training

Dog training is both a financial commitment and a commitment of your time and energy and Family K9 Dog Training wants to support it’s clients and their dogs in the best possible way.  The lifetime guarantee applies to in home obedience courses as well as in kennel training and in home intensive training and courses designed to aid in problematic behaviours.  it does not cover puppy pre school – since this is only the first step in having a trained dog.


What does the Lifetime guarantee mean?
It means that not only will your dog be well trained when we are done with our work together – but that you also have a support system for the life of your dog. Nick has spent the better part of two decades refining his techniques and has great confidence in his methods and the long lasting impact that they create in the dogs he trains. Any of the issues you and your dog work on with Nick are guaranteed for your dog’s lifetime and additional help is always available @ no additional charge. By following Nick’s instructions it is highly unlikely you will experience a loss of training – however, it is great to know that you have a support system that you can reach out to with questions, concerns or if you need some help after the training course is complete – at any time!
What if I have problems after my dog comes home?
Please call right away as most problems can easily be corrected by telephone.

And if that doesn’t help?
This is unlikely – but in the event that you need more help than a phone consultation – Nick will come to your home and work with you and your dog until your dog can perform satisfactorily. No if’s and‘s or but’s.

Can you guarantee that my dog will always listen one hundred percent?
This is impossible and anyone who attempts to do this only wants your money and is being dishonest. Dogs are free thinking creatures with drives, impulses and urges that do not live to do your bidding 24/7 – even after being trained. With Nick’s training and the owners follow up once the dog returns though – you dog should be as close to perfect as anyone could hope for.

What exactly does the Lifetime Guarantee cover?
The guarantee covers the original training exercises established when your dog’s training was booked.

Can this guarantee be voided in any way?
This guarantee is for the life of the dog with the original owner only.

Signs of neglect and/or abuse or cruelty will void the guarantee as well as refusing to follow up on the training as instructed will also void the guarantee.