Dog Training Videos

Seeing is believing.

With so many trainers out there making claims about their methods and abilities – Nick Zevgolis wants to give you an opportunity to see for yourself what his training methods can do.

Training your dog is a commitment – both financial and one of your time and energy and owners want the very best for their dogs.  The want the training to be something they can count on to improve their lives with the K9 companions.  Family K9’s motto is:

Train your dog once and do it  right.

Family K9’s website was the first to offer videos of dogs in training – because Nick wants you to see firsthand what great dog training can do for you and your dog.


Puppies and young dogs in training:

A collection of videos of puppies and young dogs in training and at play.



In home training

Videos showcasing dogs who have completed the in home training program.



Interviews with past clients

Interviews with clients of Family K9 dog training.



In kennel Dog Training

Videos showcasing dogs who have gone through the In Kennel training program



Nick’s dogs

A sample of clips of Nick’s dogs @ work and @ play.



Dogs and owners working together after the dog is fully trained by Nick

What happens after Nick trains your dog for you?  Will your dog listen to you as well?  Take a look:



In home intensive training

Have Nick come to your home and train your dog for you:



Aggression issues

Does your dog have aggression issues?  Take a look at what can be done.



Off leash obedience

Would you like your dog to be able to listen your commands when off leash?  Have a look.



Little dogs

Little dogs need training too!



Rescue dogs & Rehabilitation

Many dogs are discarded and written off due to unwanted behaviours.  Proper training makes life with your dog easy.



Huge dogs

All dogs need solid training in order to be manageable pets.  Huge dogs most definitely need better training than most due to their size and strength.



Dogs who were claimed untrainable by other trainers and veterinarians

Every year Nick trains and retrains dogs who were claimed untrainable. Owners not content with the words”can’t improve” taught Nick out ni order to improve their relationship with their dogs.



Silly/Cute/Fun Dog Training Videos

Who doesn’t love a cute dog video?