Banksy is a French Bulldog puppy and is two weeks into a three week program in this video.

Off leash obedience with distractions

You can see him working off leash and around plenty of distraction. He can heel, come when called (excellent recall on this guy!) go to and stay on his place and many other commands.

A wild and untrained puppy into a well mannered and playful young dog

Banksy came in as a wild child – a rowdy, playful puppy who didn’t know the meaning of the concept of boundaries and obedience and is leaving a well trained puppy.

French Bulldogs – a wonderful and spunky breed

Banksy is a very playful dog. None of that has changed as you can see – he still runs and plays with his buds and even does a variation on his place command when he decides to roll around on his back.  Whatever keeps him happy as long as he is working.  This is a 100 percent win/win for trainer and dog!

French Bulldogs are very trainable

Don’t let other trainers tell you that Frenchies are not a trainable breed – they most definitely are!  of course there are variances between individuals – but any Frenchie can be trained to be a well mannered and obedient companion.