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The Best Training for your Best Friend. Guaranteed!

Celebrating 20 years of helping Owners and their Dogs!

We never take a leash and haven't used one for months. He amazes everyone we meet. -David Berman

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Not only does Family K9 Dog Training provide you with a way to have a happy and extremely well mannered, obedient dog - Family K9 will also guarantee the training for the lifetime of your dog! 

Family K9 encourages you to visit our video page see for yourself not only Nick’s dogs but also many of his clients dogs in action and hear what their owners have to say about how the training helped transform their dog’s behavior and the relationship with their pet.   Nick is extremely proud of his 20 year track record of providing pet owner with the best training available and looks forward to helping you with your dog.

Nick’s concept for Family K9 is to offer dog owners the very best training - making sure things get done right the first time and guarantees the training for the life of your dog.    When you choose Family K9  dog training for anything from puppy training to advanced obedience or problem behaviour - all levels of training and problem solving - you are dealing with a consummate professional with a 20 year track record and you are always dealing with the owner of the business.  No part time staff - no trainers who lack experience or are part of a chain organization.

Just one man - dedicated to his craft and to providing people and dogs with the best results available anywhere.

Have a look at the far away friends page to see people who have come from across Canada and the US seeking Nick’s professional expertise with their dogs.  How many dog training schools and trainers did they drive or fly by on their way to see Nick and train their dogs?  Ask yourself why they would choose to do that!

Family K9 Dog Training Services the entire Greater Montreal region including outskirts and surrounding areas including the Monteregie and south shore.

Family K9 also has many satisfied clients & trained dogs across Canada and the United States (see the “Far away Friends” page for a small sampling).

Near or far - the best dog training is available to you right here - help is only an email or phone call away.

Peace of mind & freedom.

This is what the best Dog training can give you and your dog.

Please take your time to browse Family K9’s site and see for yourself why Montreal dog owners as well as dog owners from across Canada and the USA have been using Family K9‘s dog training services for over 19 years.

Nick Zevgolis is Montreal’s most in demand, private dog trainer -  offering you over 20 years of experienced, professional, courteous service right at your front door.  The most effect dog training techniques and  results guaranteed for life.  Let Family K9 Dog Training provide you with peace of mind for you and your dog.

Family K9’s track record is unsurpassed and the lifetime guarantee on their dog training services is legendary.  Montreal dog owners, groomers and veterinarians constantly refer dog owners to Nick Zevgolis for help when all other efforts have failed.

Next time you see a well trained dog out with it’s owner - anywhere in Montreal - go ahead and ask them who trained their dog and chances are very good they will tell you Family K9 trained their dog.

Family K9’s website was the first to offer videos of dogs in training - because Nick wants you to see firsthand what great dog training can do for you and your dog. 

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